Prayer and Intercession

It’s not just about coming to church to pray.

Intercession isn’t meeting just with your prayer group either. What exactly is an intercessor? You know you are a true intercessor when righteousness is birthed in you to the point that you can no longer operate in the flesh. You become a covenant partner in the work of Christ. You are an intercessor when the errands of your day are interrupted by the Lord to pray for someone. At that divinely appointed moment you must have the power of God already in you; you are the temple of prayer, and dropping everything to run to the church isn’t an option. When His anointing pours over you as His intercessor you must be ready to pray for that person then and there! As His intercessor you are on duty 24/7, it’s not a job of convenience where you punch in at 9 and out at 5. It’s not even a minimum wage position. Sorry, no checks on payday for you.

Just watch when the church announces a special guest or choir program is coming; it’s standing room only. But, announce “There will be a time of prayer at the church Thursday night” and see who shows up. There will only be a few of the same righteous warriors who come. The alarm call for prayer is only heard by true intercessors, those whose righteousness quickens them to answer the call and pick up the burden of Christ in prayer.

Jesus Christ pulls you into intercession if you are one of His righteous warriors. You will be called to pray for your family, your church, your community, and if you are one of His intercessors you will drop everything and drop to your knees! Many are called — few are chosen.

–opinion by Melton Carr, Sanctuary at Camilla


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