Christianity Endangered

Christianity; what’s happening to it?

As prophesized by early church leaders, apostasy has become a real problem in church today. They warned this would happen just before the rapture and tribulation would take place. Apostasy; as described in the New World Dictionary of American English; is defined as; an abandoning of what one has believed in, as a faith, cause or principle. It’s happening!

Jesus, as well as others, warned of what would take place before He comes for His precious bride (His church) at His second coming.  We can already see the work of the great deceiver Satan and his predicted unveiling in the world today. He is influencing many of today’s churches to relax or even ignore mandates established by Almighty God. Self-centered, successful theology is replacing Christ-centered theology. When was the last time anyone heard sermon messages preached on sin and our need for repentance? Are we afraid of offending the congregation? Might we lose our tax-exemption status if we take a stand against what might be politically incorrect? Where is Jesus Christ, His Holy Spirit and Father God in many of today’s fast-growing churches? Sadly, I think, we are becoming more about feel-good, and less about feel -God when we attend church today.

(1 Timothy 6:5) describes what I believe is happening to many; “who have been robbed of the truth and who think that godliness is a means of financial gain.”

Apostasy; as prophesized, is happening right before our faces. However, keep looking up – our King is coming!

Opinion by: Melton Carr


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