Me-Maw’s Last Christmas

A Christmas story by Melton Carr

Five days ‘til Christmas – Mr. Thomas, at your service

At the beginning of last spring, we had a pretty nasty cold front that came through mixed with a wet, warm front from the south; it created a line of squalls that took out a lot of trees. Broken limbs were everywhere. Mr. Claymore had some roof damage, but nothing real serious. I fixed it for him within a couple days after the weather passed through. Those same trees that came down are now this winter’s firewood for Mr. Claymore and a couple of his neighbors. They also help earn a little extra Christmas cash for yours truly. Mr. Claymore came over this morning around nine to get me to cut up some of that wood and split it for him. Alright! $75 bucks! Just in time; not a lot, but hey, it’s appreciated! Maybe I’ll spend a little more on Christmas… and, save some; probably not.

By the end of the day, I cut and split what looked like maybe a cord and a half, with fifteen more fireplace-size logs, which I stacked on the side. Mr. Claymore came out of his house and paid me in cash. He stood around talking with me for a little while, as I put up his axe and sledge. I told him my Me-Maw was coming for Christmas. He said that was good to hear. He told me He really liked her and thought she was a wonderful person. He also told me she and him were in the same Sunday school class years ago when she lived here in Winnie. He said she taught his class; which was called; “Seekers” and he always thought she was gifted to teach the Bible. I shared with him how she had made the Bible come alive for me, when I was a young boy. I also told him how she had this homeless guy hanging around the past few days. Like me, he said he hoped she hadn’t encouraged the man to stick around; her gentle heart could cause her to be taken advantaged of real easy. I agreed. I told Mr. Claymore if he needed anything else done to let me know. He said he would, and I got in my truck and came back home with a little more money in my pocket.

Over at Me-Maw’s, she and the stranger were once again in conversation; talking about the presence of the Holy Spirit. Talking about how today’s churches are not preaching the Holy Spirit. The man was probably around sixty years of age. His clothes and jacket were warm enough for this winter’s weather, but well worn; clean, but not his proper sizes. But then, what else would you expect of someone without a home and on the road a lot? I’ve been in a similar situation a couple times in my own life. Thank goodness I have a decent home to live in for now, that is, until I can manage to get a place of my own. The man Me-Maw was talking to must have had some church experience; he knew his Bible, and could quote Scripture with her. I doubt he could keep up with Me-Maw though. She was like a well-learned, Bible college teacher, at least in my mind she was.

“Thomas, Aunt Nayla would like you to come over and get some Christmas wrapping paper and decorations down out of her attic for her. Can you go over there and help her? Rachael asked.

“Sure, I’ll head over there right now. Call her and tell her I’m on my way.”

To be continued.


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