Feet from Stumbling

“For you have delivered me from death and my feet from stumbling, that I may walk before God in the light of life” (Psalm 56:13).

It was only after reading this Scripture over again  that I was able to understand its powerful meaning. Jesus came to this world for only one purpose to save us. For only thirty-three years, and approximately two and a half in His ministry, He walked and stumbled just as we do, and He so perfectly set our example for living before God in the light of life. His death and resurrection saves us from eternal death, His example of living shows us how God intends for us to live healthy, righteous lives avoiding obstacles He knows will trip us up in our walk with Him.

At seventy-three, going on seventy-four, in good health and able to walk and run (short distances only) as I need to – thanks be to God – I have been walking for what nearly seventy-three years? I guess. Walking is something I do a lot of, but every once in a while I trip on something or stumble. I may look back after I have regained my balance and say; “What happened – How did I do that?” Life is like this. Every once in a while we’ll slip in our walk with the Lord and we’ll do something we shouldn’t. Sometimes we get hurt and then we realize we need to be more careful of what we are doing or saying. We all make mistakes, but Jesus is always there when we do. His Holy Spirit is within us to show us the way and to lift us up to where we belong.

Jesus puts our feet back upon solid ground, not on slippery ice or mud; rock solid ground. We walk now confidently, correctly, always in balance because of Him! Had Jesus been a rock star back the eighties, He would have been the perfect one to sing that popular song “Walk This Way!” This is what He is always saying to us through His Holy Spirit, “Now, walk this way,” His way. He is our excellent example.


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