Our Un-crossed Eyes

Testimony: Child’s Healing Miracle!

A young woman, knowing my wife and I prayed for others at our then place of business, asked if we would pray for her baby who had Spinal-Bifida and was very visibly handicapped. In addition to the baby’s arms and legs being twisted and deformed she also had crossed eyes. This was a very sad situation, yet the young mother was full of faith in God. She truly believed in a healing miracle for her precious little girl!

We laid hands on the mother and child, and anointed them both with oil. My wife and I both prayed in “the Spirit” asking Jesus to lay His mighty hand of miraculous healing upon the two. We were moved with deep compassion and felt the presence of His Holy Spirit as we prayed, and expected a miracle for this baby! The mother and child left us and we didn’t see or hear from her for three or four weeks.

And then, one day the two came into our store again; the mother seemed filled with joy and was eager to tell us how her baby had been healed by Jesus! I looked at the child but at first glance couldn’t see any change in the baby’s condition. Still, I congratulated the mom and expressed my happiness in the baby’s healing even though I couldn’t see it. The mother told us how Jesus had healed her little girl. She said, “I know my baby still has problems but, you see Jesus has healed her by allowing her to now receive all her medications and treatments without any negative reactions. She is so much improved since we prayed for her, and I thank God for her healing!” I then noticed the baby’s eyes were not crossed anymore and I proclaimed, “Her eyes are straightened!” The mother confirmed and said, “I know, isn’t it wonderful?”

God is so good, and His mercy is all around us. We just have to “un-cross” our own eyes and see how His healing is not always in the manner we expect.


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