Our Brave Young Men and Women



In peace time, military service can provide exceptional career training and education, pretty much without too much risk for many young people. The opportunity to be trained in a career field is a real asset for a lot of these young men and women. When I was enlisted, back in the late 50’s and early 60’s, being in the military (I was in the United States Air Force) was peaceful at first but turned nasty and dangerous in the sixties, Cuba and later Viet Nam definitely scared us all. More than scared us, many died in battle. Since then, there have been many skirmishes and serious threats, even all out military action in other countries.

Those who serve in our armed forces are all heroes! Many have made their ultimate sacrifices, which are different and very personal to each military person. I am acknowledging them all here and saying; THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMITMENT AND YOUR SACRIFICE. YOU ARE THE REASON I AM FREE. YOU ARE THE REASON I LIVE IN THE MOST WONDERFUL NATION IN THE WHOLE WORLD. STAY SAFE AND COME HOME TO US, WE ARE ALL YOUR FAMILY OF FREEDOM LOVING PEOPLE. WE ARE MORE THAN PROUD OF WHAT YOU DO. MAY GOD, IN ALL HIS MERCY, PROTECT YOU AND KEEP YOU FROM ALL HARM.

Melton Carr

USAF Veteran

PS: Please feel free to share my message with your soldier, sailor, airman or Air Force woman or marine.



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