We’re Moving to Jerusalem

Our New, All-inclusive, Gated Community

Those who overcome this life are going to inherit all that heaven is. This is to say; when we are in heaven we will want for nothing; everything we need will be provided for us– our new existence will be all-inclusive, like nothing we have ever experienced before here on earth! The bright lights of Vegas –dim in comparison; all there is to see and do on Times Square; not even a dot on heaven’s GPS; that big red, Golden Gate bridge; not even the size of one cobblestone in heaven;  – nothing can begin to compare to what awaits us in there in New Jerusalem! In spite of all that glitters and glistens here in our world where we are always searching for our purpose — our only reason for being in New Jerusalem will be, to be with God; worshipping Him always, singing His praise for eternity!

Without a doubt, it is impossible for us to imagine just how big God is; our praise and worship toward Him will be just as big though, and it will go on without interruption forever and ever. “Like nothing, we have ever seen before, here on earth,” I have said before. I’m not speaking out of my own head now, no way; what I am talking about is here in the Bible; in the book of Revelation, especially in chapter 21. You can read for yourself, it’s recorded there by the apostle John just as it was revealed to him by God.

Here we are though, going about our busy-work, doing what we want to do; devising our own little plans for this evening and for tomorrow; and our big plans for next weekend with our friends over at their place?

Yeah, we got plans. Get ready…the King is coming!


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