Merciful God

God is Merciful – He Forgives

Even though we don’t deserve His mercy, God forgives us.

When we want His forgiveness we can depend on Him to give it to us. Do you have something going on in your life or is there something you once did that you never feel like you got forgiveness for? Just ask Him to forgive you, He will! Billy Graham use to say, “God forgets your sin when He forgives your sin.” Wow! God does that. Once He forgives our sin He will never bring that sin up to us again. How does knowing this make you feel? Relieved? Blessed? You bet!

God’s attitude about forgiveness should help us learn to forgive others, and yes, to learn how to forgive ourselves as well. When we ask for God’s forgiveness He gives it. We don’t need to carry that feeling of guilt around anymore. In fact, as long as we carry a heavy weight of our own guilt or an un-forgiven grudge against someone else we are setting ourselves up for a real problem we’re eventually going to need healing for. God forgives and forgets the sin, shouldn’t you?

Medical science is starting to discover many diseases and health problems are directly related to self-inflicted wounds. I’m not talking about from a knife, an ice-pick or a gunshot but from our own persistent, un-forgiveness and guilt. Wouldn’t it be a miracle if we got rid that old guilt, or we forgave someone for something they did to us, and we started noticing the pain in our shoulder was diminishing? Or, that annoying acid-reflux problem doesn’t bother us anymore?

What if we showed ourselves mercy, and forgave ourselves, and others, and the doctor couldn’t find any trace of the disease we once were told we had?

God is merciful – Be merciful. Forgive and forget.


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