Speaking of Jesus

All who are Christians are witnesses for Christ – they are either sharing Christ by example and word or they aren’t. How about you are you a Christian? What example are you setting? Have you spoken of Christ and His acts of love and mercy with your friends and family? Have you repeated stories about Him that you have read? How are you telling others about Him?

After Jesus had healed the demon-possessed man He specifically told the man to go tell his friends. Now, I’ll just bet the man was already pretty anxious to talk about what Jesus had done for him! After all, his whole outlook on life and his relationships, even his physical health were drastically changed for the better! And, what about the witnesses who were standing around watching as Jesus was casting demons out? They must have been pretty eager to go tell what they had seen too, wouldn’t you say?

When you personally encounter the love, compassion, and the saving-grace of Jesus Christ, it makes you eager to go tell someone of what He is doing in your life. After the woman at the well met Jesus she went back to her village and told everyone about Him. The Bible says, “And many of the Samaritans of that city believed in Him because of the word of the woman who testified” (John 4:39). She was anxious to tell about her experience of speaking with this man now known as; Jesus Christ.

Today, we still witness the wonderful healings of Jesus. He is healing us and those around us everyday. Are we being good witnesses and telling others about it? I don’t think we’re saying as much as we could. Why aren’t we? This wonderful Savior of ours still performs the same healing miracles, and He is expressing His same awesome love for us! We have got to tell the world how good He is! We must give Him all credit for His compassionate work.

Several months ago, I met a man who had a large wound on his leg that wouldn’t heal. He told me it was caused by his advanced Diabetes. His doctors were discouraged that the wound would not heal but they promised to keep trying to help this man. The man told me the wound had been there for a long time. This man and I prayed together declaring he was healed by the blood of Jesus. We believed he was, by our faith in Jesus. Recently, I saw the same man in Lowes Home Center in Livingston. I asked how he was doing and he said he was doing okay. I asked how his wound was doing. He said it was completely healed now. Awesome! I asked him what did he attribute it to and he told me the doctors said it probably was just one of those things that comes and goes. I told the man NO! We will give Jesus the glory! It was He who healed the wound not just something that comes and goes!

Sometimes, we suffer not only from difficult-to-heal wounds, but we also suffer from temporary blindness as well!


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