Stop Limiting God

English: Naaman in Jordan River (2King 5:14) Р...

English: Naaman in Jordan River (2King 5:14) Русский: Нееман окунается в реку Иордан (4Цар. 5:14) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are many and various ways God provides for our wholeness. We never should limit Him to one specific way of healing us by praying for such. Would we want to pray for a particular healing method when God may have something more beneficial for us? No, I know this is not what we want. In (2 Kings 5: 1-14) Elisha told Naaman the Syrian to bathe in the River Jordan, a Jewish river, so as to be healed. Had this Syrian military commander argued out of foolish pride with Elisha and asked for some other method of healing he would not have been healed. And, in (1 Timothy 5:23); the apostle Paul told Timothy to; “No longer drink only water, but use a little wine for your stomach’s sake and your frequent infirmities.” Timothy’s stomach problems were alleviated by moderate drinking of wine, not by prayer. Jesus varied His healing ministry by healing people so they focused on Him, and not a particular method.

We should understand that the healing ministry is better described as a ministry of wholeness. And, God must be sovereign in our lives if we are to be whole with Him. We need to be fully cooperative with God in (His) method for our healing. Our refusal to be so may be symptomatic of our problematic need for spiritual healing, as well as our physical healing.

Faith alone in the love and will of God can cause us to be healed. Let us pray His will, not ours!

Let us pray:

“Lord, You know our strengths and our weaknesses, You know our infirmities. We trust You now for our healing. For whatever we call to mind right now, in this prayer, I pray You hear our petition and cause us to be in wholeness with You Lord. In all faith, we do pray.” Amen.


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