A Different Christmas This Year

Black Friday Shopping, Maryville

Black Friday Shopping, Maryville (Photo credit: kmoliver)

Black Friday shopping for Christmas at the mall or discount stores is not for me! I know I’m probably missing out on some really awesome deals. However, my wife and I aren’t out there shopping like we used to; our family is more spread out now living in far off states, so we don’t see them as much as we did in the past. The younger, grand kids are on their own now, not requiring as much help from us as in the past, and the older members of our family… well, their priorities, like ours, have changed. We don’t need or want as much as we used to, being content to more appreciate the many past gifts and blessings we already enjoy.

There is no amount of money for any gift I could ever want more than the gift I got for Christmas over 2,000 years ago when my Savior was delivered to me. My second most treasured gift was when my wife Sally agreed to marry me back in 1994. And then, I must honor my God who has given me so many more wonderful gifts and pleasant surprises over the years than I could have ever asked for.

Black Friday specials? Thanks, but no, I can do without them…but then, that’s just me.

My Christmas wish: I hope everyone finds and gets all that they just can’t live without. No, seriously, flat screens, hunting rifles, trampolines…whatever it is you are wanting I hope you find it under your Christmas tree. God is good!



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