Wait On God


Photo credit: Eagle/Larry Kestler-In Livingston area

Through His strength we will be renewed

There will be those days when you are going to feel less than efficient; even your physical energy will feel drained. All that wonderful motivation you had before will seem to have just deserted you. What do you do? Do you think to yourself; “I’ve got to make things in my life happen”, and so you press on with only your own strength? You could, but don’t be surprised if you run out of steam. In (Jeremiah 29:11) God talks about the plans He has for us. Just as He has a plan for us He also has a timeframe in which He will accomplish His plan. When we attempt to get ahead of His plan by pushing ahead without Him we can lose our enthusiasm in our effort, become confused, maybe even give up trying to finish what we started. When we try to accomplish what God has planned for us in our own strength; or worst yet, we come up with our own plan, the results are likely to be discouraging. It’s really best if we wait for Him!

(Isaiah 40:30) advises us to be patient and wait on the Lord; Even the youth shall faith and be weary, / and the young men shall fall, / but those who wait on the LORD, / shall renew their strength; / they shall mount up with wings like eagles, / they shall run and not be weary, / they shall walk and not faint.

When we are moving in God’s purpose, He gives us the strength and the wisdom to accomplish that which He has planned for us. Pray for His perfect will in your life; then, just wait for Him.


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