Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!



Suddenly, we may have an unexpected emergency – it can be from anyone of a dozen or more origins; it could be governmental, economical, weather-related, terrorist or some other event that will adversely affect our way of life as we have known it to be. We live in a troubled world. Are you prepared?

Being prepared doesn’t mean we have to erect a warehouse to store unlimited rations of food, water or other essentials; some do. What I am speaking of is enough of whatever it takes to keep us alive, and reasonably comfortable for two weeks; two months or longer at least until we can find a workable solution to our dilemma and move on. What we individually will (need) will vary from individual to individual and family to family. Do you have livestock, pets or a vegetable garden? You might have some special needs in these areas.

I don’t have to tell you we are living in uncertain times. Few people can say these are the most prosperous times of their lives…even so, “change” is affecting us all, like it or not, and it’s not good!

Okay, so what can we do? Here is what I am advocating:

Don’t panic, remember we serve an awesome God who knows our every need and who loves us without measure. Faith is our powerful resource. Sit down with your family, talk about what you must do to sustain yourselves for at least a month, so you can survive in some reasonable fashion until you can figure your way out of your emergency. Here a few of my suggestions. You will no doubt have your own “must-haves,” make your own list.

My List:

  1. A Bible and the serious belief that God will provide for you and your family
  2. Reserve amount of food, water and shelter
  3. Gasoline, diesel, propane or firewood
  4. Extra medications, first-aid supplies and personal hygiene items
  5. Tools, special equipment and vital maintenance items for home and automobiles
  6. Emergency radio, batteries and evacuation maps
  7. List of important phone numbers and contact information
  8. A reserve amount of cash (don’t rely on ATM’s or debit cards)
  9. Some means of protecting your property, yourself and your family
  10. Make duplicate copies of important documents

Like I said before, don’t panic, be intelligent, prepare well in advance; you will be fine; you will survive.


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