Kinds of Healing

Recognizing the five kinds of healing

God’s healing involves every part of our human makeup: (1) spirit, (2) soul, (3) body, and (4) relationships. In addition to these there is our need for (5) deliverance from the (a) things, (b) attitudes, (c) behavior patterns, and (d) demonic influences that keep our lives in bondage to that which can destroy us. All of these, I believe are in part what Jesus spoke of when He read from the book of Isaiah before the elders in the synagogue that Sabbath day in Nazareth (Luke 4:18).

Here is the part of that scripture from (Isaiah 61:1) where I believe He was referring to the destructive bondage I just mentioned above. Jesus said; “…He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind.” Certainly, we can become brokenhearted, be trapped like captives by our emotional state, and lastly, we can become blind to God’s will for us to be healed. Jesus came to heal us, and all He asks is we have the faith of a tiny mustard seed!

What is standing between you and God’s will for your healing; a past un-repented sin; unbelief; a lack of sufficient faith? Whatever it is there is more than just hope for your healing, there is Jesus Christ! By His stripes we are healed!





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