Something special for Christmas

I am doing something a little different, something special. Instead of my daily blog messages, for the next ten days, I am posting a little short, fictional story about a very special woman known to her family as Me-Maw. I hope you enjoy it and follow it daily for these last ten days ’til Christmas.

Me-Maw’s Last Christmas

A Christmas story by Melton Carr

Ten days ‘til Christmas – Anyone heard from Me-Maw?

Cousin Rachael always makes Christmas out to be extra special. Ever since she was a little girl it’s been that way. She loves to sing, and at Christmas she’s either humming Joy to the World or one of the other old favorites everyone knows. I remember when she was around eight or nine she told everyone; especially our family, she was going to be a famous singer one day. Mostly, we just said, “That’s great Rachael.”  The little Carson brothers; twins who lived next door, would make fun of her and screech and moan telling her she sounded like a rusty wagon wheel; they enjoyed making fun of her.  When we’re kids we all think we’re going to do big things when we grow up; some do.

Me-maw, our sweet grandmother; my dad’s mother, was Cousin Rachael’s biggest fan. She used to tell Rachael one day she was going to come to hear her sing at one of her  concerts in Dallas, or someplace famous like that. Rachael’s fantasy was, for the time being,  back then, made real and the two of them would go on and on about what a big star Rachael was going to be some day. Me-maw is special she always has nothing but good things to say about everyone and everything. She is our family’s big encourager. Christmas has always been Me-Maw’s favorite time of year. We haven’t heard yet whether she is coming this year or not; granted, she’s not as young and able to drive like in years past. “Eighty-one and still counting.” Me-Maw says.

“Rachael,” I said, “Any word from Me-maw?”

“Not yet!” Rachael came back.

Ten days until Christmas. I’m sure we’ll hear from Me-maw; she’s just real busy. She’s probably getting out that rusty, little red recipe box about now that she keeps her favorite pie recipes in and she’s going to fix something really tasty this year. Me-maw makes the best mincemeat pie you’d ever want to eat. We’ll hear from her soon; tomorrow I’ll bet.

To be continued.


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