Me-Maw’s Last Christmas

A Christmas story by Melton Carr

Nine days until Christmas – hoping to hear from Me-Maw today.

Finding work has really been tough. Thanks to my dear, sweet cousin Rachael I’ve had a roof over my head for the past seven months. She’s been a real angel letting me stay with her until I can find a job.  Fortunately, I’ve been able to contribute some to the groceries here in the house with an occasional handy-man job here and there. I can do a bit of plumbing, some basic carpentry and some electrical – although I hate electricity! My Me-Maw says something’s going to come through for me real soon. I hope she’s right.

Last week, I put up the Christmas lights outside on the house and on the two trees out front for Rachael. She and I are going to set up her tree tonight. You ought to see Rachael’s tree, it’s awesome! Over the years she has collected a most amazing collection of antique bulbs, canes, strands of all kinds of stuff like popcorn, berries and old keys. Most of the ornaments are ones given to her from our family and people she works with at the furniture store.

The economy hasn’t been all that great and Rachael’s been worrying some about her job too. Lucky for her and for me her home is paid for. She has a paid for car and my truck is also paid for. Gas is a problem. $4.78 a gallon means you don’t go riding around much; driving around looking for work can be expensive too. I don’t know, it’s hard to keep a positive attitude these days. I sure will be glad to see my Me-Maw. If I don’t hear from her today or tomorrow I’ll have to call her. I’ve got to think of something really nice to give her for Christmas. No sense asking her what she’d like, she says she doesn’t want or need anything, but she’s gonna get something from me anyhow. I’ll come up with something really special. She deserves it.

The phone is ringing…it’s my Aunt Bertha. Uncle Dorace is acting his same old grumpy self. Ever since he got sick with Diabetes three years ago he has given my Aunt Bertha nothing but fits. His doctor tells Aunt Bertha they have his disease under control – yeah, thanks to Aunt Bertha.

Aunt Bertha asks; “Anybody heard from Me-Maw?”

Rachael answers, “No, not yet.”

To be continued.


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