Me-Maw’s Last Christmas

Eight days until Christmas – First heard about Jesus

One summer, I guess I was probably ten or eleven back then, my mom and dad let me spend pretty near a whole month with Me-Maw. I remember I had been looking forward to going to her place that whole last month of school, ever since they told me I could go. Barely two weeks after school let out for the summer me and most of my friends were bored out of our minds. I guess the only good thing about school was it did keep you occupied.

The thing was at Me-Maw’s there was things to do. She would tell me, “Idle-minds are the devil’s workshop.” You couldn’t have an idle-mind, not at Me-Maw’s. As her “little-man,” like she used to call me, I had my chores every day. Now, I didn’t have to work daylight to dark mind you. It wasn’t like that! Usually, I was mowing her yard and stuff; she had a power-mower that you had to pull a cord like a hundred times to get it to start. But, I could do it! I clipped hedges for her, took out her garbage and helped her make-up the beds. She showed me how to wash my own clothes and toss ’em in her dryer. Sometimes I put in too much soap and once the washing machine overflowed like crazy with suds. Seeing all those suds was a blast! After that she showed me the right amount of detergent to put in.

We didn’t work all the time. We did some fun stuff too. Like, we’d go to the grocery store and she’d let me pick out what I wanted to eat for lunch and supper. We went to the movie a couple times. After supper she  would ask me to help with the dishes. And, before we could watch any TV we would read her Bible. Well, mostly she read, I just listened. Me-Maw had a way of reading that Bible that sounded more like she was actually telling you a true story. I had heard of Jesus before, but Me-Maw talked like she really knew him personally. She said he was alive and was always with us. I couldn’t see him, but somehow she did make him seem real. To this day, I believe she is the most saintly person I have ever known. I’ll have to remind her of all those good times she and I had back in those days when she gets here.

You know, I think I still have that same little white Bible she gave me that last summer when I stayed with her. I’ll have to look for it; it’s probably in one of those boxes I stored out in the shed. Sure hope nothing has got into my boxes; roaches and mice like to eat paper you know. I taped them up with some really strong Gorilla Tape when I packed them, so I guessing they’re probably okay.

To be continued.


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