Me-Maw’s Last Christmas

A Christmas story by Melton Carr

Seven days ‘til Christmas – We get a call from Me-Maw

“Thomas, are you planning on going to church with me tonight?” Rachael asked from the kitchen.

“I don’t know, hadn’t really thought much about going.” I answered back, kind of shouting over the radio. I had the volume turned up because Rachael had been running the vacuum.

“I wish you would Thomas, I’d like you to drive if you don’t mind. I need to call Nayla and Wanda, and I don’t like to drive and talk on my cell phone. Do you mind?” There was no imposing guilt intended in her voice.

“Okay, yeah I’ll go and I’ll drive. We’ll go in my truck if that’s okay. I need to stop at Pace’s Stop N’ Shop and get some gas.”

Pastor Tanner and I grew up together. After high school, we went our separate ways. I joined the Marines and did a tour in Da Nang. Pastor went on to seminary at Clearbrook Bible Academy and came back here to be Associate Pastor of Rockland Christian Church for a couple years until our former Pastor Andrews got reassigned. There was a big stink going on around here back then; had something to do with Pastor Andrew and his church secretary. I don’t know much more than that, just that he had to leave town and the church. He was married, and not to the church secretary. The district decided to promote Tanner to Pastor. He gladly accepted and has been our pastor ever since. Not much chance he’ll go anywhere else, he’s young, devoted, and everyone knows him around here, and the congregation loves him and his wife Carol Ann. They really are a great couple. They have two kids, both boys; Ty and Taylor Jay.

Maybe tomorrow, or Friday, I’ll go into town and look for Christmas gifts for Me-Maw and Rachael. It won’t be much this year; I think I’ve got maybe fifty-five dollars; hoping Mr. Claymore still wants me to chop firewood for him. He promised to pay me before Christmas; knowing I could sure use the money!

About the time I stepped out on to the porch the phone started ringing. I held the screen door open and yelled back inside to Rachael.

“Have you got the phone?”

“I’ve got it!” She said.

“Hello, oh, hi Me-Maw…hang on just a second Me-Maw…Thomas, it’s Me-Maw!”

Fantastic! Finally, she calls! I want to talk to her before she and Rachael hang up. So, I head back into the house, not wanting to miss overhearing any part of their conversation. I’ll bet Me-Maw is wanting to know if I can come pick her up next Tuesday, Christmas Eve. Can’t wait to see her!

Uncle Darrell had offered a couple weeks ago to go get her if she needed a ride. But, he’s not doing all that great, and his eyes bother him a lot. So, I volunteered to go get her if she wanted to come. He willingly agreed, saying that would be fine with him. “Me-Maw’s coming!” I shouted to myself.

To be continued.


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