Me-Maw’s Last Christmas

A Christmas story by Melton Carr

Six days ‘til Christmas – There’s a stranger hanging around

I was sitting in the living room, Rachael and Me-Maw were still on the phone, having some kind of discussion about a homeless man who had been sitting under the big Sycamore tree in Me-Maw’s front yard. He had been out there for a couple days; going away after dark, returning the next morning. He apparently wasn’t doing anything wrong. He didn’t come up to Me-Maw’s door, or anything like that. Rachael was nonetheless worried he might be up to no good and told Me-Maw she needed to call the sheriff.

I could tell by what Rachael was saying Me-Maw wasn’t too worried about the stranger. I was anxious to get on the phone myself and find out more of what was going on with this dude. I waited until Rachael and Me-Maw’s conversation had begun to wind down, and I asked Rachael if I could talk to Me-Maw.

“Me-Maw, Thomas is standing here waiting to talk to you too. So, I’m going to hand you over to him now. We’re looking forward to you coming on Tuesday. And, listen, you don’t have to worry about fixing anything to bring. Just bring yourself, we got plenty of everything, and we just want to see you for Christmas. Okay?” Rachael handed me the phone.

“Hey, Me-Maw, how’s that sweet, favorite grandmother I love the most doing?” I knew she would have a flattered come-back of some kind.

“Thomas, my dear boy, (she always referred to me as boy even though I’m rocking on forty-three) it still amazes me that some precious little girl hasn’t snatched you up by now and brought you to a wedding vow.” Me-Maw has always quizzed me if there was a young lady in my life. In fact, there have been many, just not one I could get serious about. Truth be known, it’s probably been no young or older lady has wanted to put up with my not wanting to make any serious commitments.

“Me-Maw, you want me to come get you on Tuesday, Christmas eve?”

“That would be nice Thomas. Why don’t you make it around 6:00 to 6:30. I’ll be packed, and ready to go. I’m bringing your favorite pie and some other things for Rachael and the others.” Me-Maw meant 6 AM in the morning; she gets up before the chickens! Always has, always will I guess.

We talked about the strange guy camping out front of her house. I told her I didn’t like to hear that about him. She said he was harmless. She admitted she had even fixed him some lunch yesterday, and they had talked out on the sidewalk about church, life and Jesus. My skin began to crawl, and I considered going to pick her up right then, but I didn’t. We hung up after I told her to ask this guy to leave her property or she would call the sheriff. She told me she wasn’t going to do that! Me-Maw’s her own kind of woman; she doesn’t always listen to what others think she ought to do. Hopefully, this guy will be long gone when I get there Tuesday.

To be continued.


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