Me-Maw’s Last Christmas

A Christmas story by Melton Carr

Five days ‘til Christmas – Would you join the choir Mr. Thomas

Sister Anita Donnelly, from church, had come by the house, and when I got home from Mr. Claymore’s she was there visiting with Cousin Rachael. Sister Anita, a middle-age spinster, in addition to housekeeping at the church, led the choir and the congregation in worship on Sundays and Wednesdays. She had a good voice; an alto, I think, she could play piano and organ. I think she preferred the old gospels the best. At least, that’s what we mostly sang when I went to church, which was not that often.

“Hi Thomas, how have you been? Haven’t seen you at church lately. You haven’t been sick have you?” She was encouraging me to lie big time!

“No, just been busy trying to find work, and helping Cousin Rachael around here.” Okay, there was my lie! She made me do it.

“Thomas, the reason I stopped by was to see if you would like to join the choir for our Christmas Eve night program. We could use your bass voice. It’s going to be great fun and we’ve got some wonderful, old favorites I’m sure you know. How long has it been since you sang with us, ten or twelve years?”  Okay, there was the rub. She hadn’t forgotten, I did, once upon a time, sing with the church’s choir. That was a long time ago.

Something, I don’t know what, caused me to blurt out, “Sure, I’ll do it!” before I could weasel my way out of accepting her request. Damn! I was in the program.

“Wonderful, Thomas, we look forward to having you join us!”

I hadn’t even planned to go to that service, and now, here I’m participating in it. What’s happening here?

After Sister Anita left, Rachael told me, “I’m so glad you agreed to be there Tuesday night. I know you will be blessed. You do have a very nice voice.”

“Well, I don’t know what got into me. That’s not something I even considered doing.” I confessed.

“I know!” Rachael declared. “The Spirit’s got a plan, and you’re part of it. I can’t wait to see what He’s up to! You’ll do fine.”

To be continued.


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