Me-Maw’s Last Christmas

A Christmas story by Melton Carr

Two days until Christmas – A visiting angel

The old man, who professed to know my Me-Maw, seemed to have a very gentle spirit. I took him as no threat, neither did I actually believe he was a homeless man; he wasn’t like other homeless men I have come in contact with in the past. Something about him made me think more of him as a caregiver or a preacher or something. It was weird! He continued speaking to me.

“Thomas, a long time ago, your Me-Maw and I were very good friends. We met in high school; we had some of the same classes, and she came to watch me run track. I was on our school’s track team and set some pretty good records for the 220 and 440 back in those days.  We dated; actually were “steadies” and all our friends predicted we would one day get married. We never got the chance Thomas. You see, I met with a very unfortunate accident in my senior year. A few of my friends and I skipped school one day to go swimming in Buford Creek. After a while we got a little too brave and dared each other to dive off the old railroad bridge; that was where the creek was the deepest. It was after we had had a big rain and the creek was running pretty fast. I took the dare, but went into the water where there was some debris under the water that couldn’t be seen from above. I hit that debris and was hurt real bad. I never came up and the fire department didn’t find my body for two days. Your Me-Maw loved me, and she hated me at the same time. I had carelessly denied her a love she wanted very badly…I denied myself the same.

She never stopped loving me; never stopped praying for me. Her prayers came up to heaven for my salvation. She hoped I was saved, and that one day, we would be together. I was saved. I had accepted Jesus as my Savior soon after she and I met back in high school. She was the one who led me to Christ, and I never forgot her. Now, the Father, knowing how I have loved her so, has given me my opportunity to come back for a very short visit to see her. I don’t have long, but she has asked me to speak to you about your salvation because she loves you so very much. So, let me ask you. ‘Have you accepted God’s only Son as your own personal savior?'” He asked, hoping for my right answer.

I was (so) caught off guard by all that the man was saying; being perfectly honest, at first, I wasn’t sure I could believe his story, but I do, now!

“Sir, I don’t know your name, and that’s not important right now; I have struggled with my faith for quite a while. Yes, I am a believer; I know Christ is my LORD. I have to confess though, I haven’t given Him much of my time over the years. I do regret how I have lived my life. My Me-Maw is more important to me than you know. I love that woman…like, well, I just love her to death! No wait a minute I don’t mean it that way!” I hoped I hadn’t said the wrong thing.

“That’s alright son. I know what you mean. I do too, and beyond death!” He was too real, I’m telling you!

“Thomas, I’ve got to go! Thanks for letting me visit with you. I’ll let your Me-Maw know we talked, and that she has nothing to fear for you. Be blessed son. We’ll see more of each other later, I’m sure!” And then, a sudden gush of warm wind whipped across my face.

There was a strange, overwhelming peace at that moment. I can’t really describe it here.

The next thing I knew the angel was gone… again.

To be continued.


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