Me-Maw’s Last Christmas

Pumpkin pie with crust detail.

Pumpkin pie with crust detail. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Christmas story by Melton Carr

December 24th. – Christmas Eve

Here we are, the day before Christmas!

It is way cold enough to snow; now that the arctic-front, the weather channel was predicting, has come through. They predicted a high of 33 degrees during the day today, and twenty-four tonight. That’s cold!

Got to go get Me-Maw this morning! She’ll be waiting for me for sure. Better start my truck so it can be warming up. It’s not used to this kind of cold, so it’ll take a while to get it comfortable in the cab. I’ll refill my coffee cup and scoop up a piece of that pumpkin pie the neighbors brought over yesterday. Rachael and I cut into it last night…it was a small pie; not big enough for more than two…LOL. Me-Maw is expecting me to pick her up around 6:30 AM. No doubt she’ll be dressed, packed and ready to go when I get there.

That church choir practice is this afternoon. Still don’t know why I agreed to do sing with them.

“Man, it’s cold!” I shuttered as I got out of my truck at Me-Maw’s house. I parked as close to her front door as I dared considering all the ice on the sidewalk and driveway. The ground and grass crackled loudly as I put my front tires off the driveway and on to her grass. There she was, just as I thought; ready to go out the door; her overnight bag in her hand.

This was going to be great, spending a little quality time with my Me-Maw again. It’s been too long!

“Good morning, son. I’m ready to go. If you’ll take my bag, I’ll turn the heater down a little and turn off my light in the kitchen.” Me-Maw wasn’t one to waste her utilities.

“I’ve got your bag. Turn off your light and I’ll put this bag in the truck, and come back to give you a hand. It’s pretty slippery out here on your steps and sidewalk.”

While waiting for her to come out, I’ve decided, I’m not going to their choir practice. I’m going to spend the afternoon and evening with my grandmother, and besides,it’s too cold and dangerous to be on the road. I’m sure Me-Maw and Rachael will understand if we don’t go this evening.

Tomorrow is Christmas…to be continued.


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