God’s Kind Of Music

When I was a small boy, I guess of about six or seven, my sweet, little grandmother Josie was living with my family and me at the time. She was probably in her late seventies back then, and to me she seemed like the oldest person alive. She certainly was in my little world. My memories of my Grandma Josie are very special to me, I will never forget her. She must have been a real, live angel I think because she was always, always praying to Jesus, talking about her Bible, or reading Scriptures to my family and me. This must have been one of the reasons I thought she was an angel because she was so close to God. Everything she did and talked about was about Jesus, God or the Holy Spirit.

My Grandma Josie was a very smart woman she knew her Bible frontward and backwards and could quote Scriptures without her Bible being in the same room with us (this really amazed me back then!) Something else my grandma could do was play the harmonica; “mouth-harp” she called it. It was kind of funny to watch her play because she had all false teeth and she would take them out when she played her mouth-harp. She didn’t mind me laughing as I thought it was so funny. She never played anything except “church songs” I used to call them. Rock of Ages, The Old Rugged Cross, Onward Christian Soldiers, Sweet by and by; she knew them all even without looking at a hymnal or music sheets. I remember I would sit each evening after dinner and just listen to her talk about Jesus and play her sweet, sweet songs. She referred to them as; God’s kinda music. She was nothing short of wonderful…I love her still!

I sure do miss my Grandma Josie, I wish she were still here in a way. Now that I am grown (old), and I now share her love of her Jesus we could have some wonderful conversations. One thing is for sure, God’s got one fine harmonica player up there, and I know He is very happy to have this gifted, Christian woman (my grandma) there with him; eternally playing His kind of music!

“Then David and all the house of Israel played music before the Lord on all kinds of instruments of fir wood, on harps, on string instruments, on tambourines, on sistrums, and on cymbals” (2 Samuel 6:5).


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