God Are You Here?

There was a time in my life when my job as Creative Director for a national advertising agency in Dallas, scuba diving, motorcycles, flying airplanes, traveling on business and making money were the most important things in my life. These were my selfish priorities because they were all about just me.

What about God and family you ask? Back then I was so busy with my selfish priorities I didn’t have time for anyone else but me and my “friends” which did not include my family or God. My busy schedule was all about me and my wants – I see now how stupid and foolish I really was. God could have punished me for all my greed, and I would have deserved His punishment because not only did I deny my first wife and two kids my time and love as their husband and father, I denied my Lord, the Savior of my very soul. I am forgiven and wiser now. And, I am sorry for neglecting all of these who really should have been my priorities.

Oh God, your grace is so wonderful! So, I once was lost, but now I am found! It took me two failed marriages and untold losses of everything that used to be important to me for me to finally hear God’s voice and to ask Him to forgive me and show me who He wanted me to be. He did! I came back to Him in 2001. I am thankful He was patient with me! Now, He is my number one priority; my wonderful wife Sally comes in right behind Him as my awesome number two!

Do I feel God around me all the time now? Well, speaking honestly, no. There are those times when He is so close I can feel His sweet breath upon my face. But then, there are times when I must admit, I ask Him; “God are you here?” I don’t like it when I can’t feel His powerful presence. I know it’s me though, not Him that has become separated.

Would you like to know why we have these lonely times feeling separated from God? Not because He deserted us, no, no! Remember He is divinely omnipresent, that is to say; He is everywhere all at the same time! And, He did promise in (Hebrews 13:5); “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” It is we who have caused ourselves to become separated from Him. Maybe we fail to meet Him in His sanctuary (church), or it’s been too long since we have been in His Word (reading our Bible.) There are many ways we can separate ourselves from God. Have you separated yourself from Him? When was the last time you got on your knees and sought Him in prayer? We need to be in constant prayer with Him – we need to be seeking His will and advice in everything we do. He wants to be that close to us and we need to be that close to Him!

Seek Him now. Just close your mind to everything else for a moment and ask…”God, are you here?” I do believe if you are sincere He will acknowledge your question, confirming, yes, He is here now with you.


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