Cries of a Sinner

I met a young prisoner, a trustee, who was working at our county disposal area. I was there to drop off our weekly garbage. It was a strange meeting since I felt the urging of the Holy Spirit to speak to the young man. I couldn’t imagine what I was to speak to him about, yet, I knew I was to engage the young man into a conversation. Quietly, I challenged the Spirit that if I was not to just continue to drive thru, I needed a reason to speak. I heard the Lord’s Spirit say to me, “Offer the young man the small Bible you have in the glove compartment.” I used to carry two or three small New Testament Bibles to give away to strangers. I had one Bible left in my glove compartment, which I had forgotten; it had been a long time since I have given any away.  Still, I hesitated to speak and began leaving the dump.

When the young man caught up with me as I was driving away, he banged on the rear fender of my truck saying he forgot to remove one small plastic bag of trash from the bed of my truck. I knew I had not completed my mission, as instructed. I then told the fellow I needed to give him something and reached inside my glove compartment and gave him the Bible. He began to weep and sob; I was awe-struck! He began to confess to me all his sins and explained why he was in jail; he had possessed drugs and had abused his wife. I asked him if I could come visit him in jail and he asked that I would. I did!

At the San Jacinto County Jail, I prayed with the young prisoner and explained to him how Jesus would forgive him and restore his life if he would confess to Jesus and change his actions. The young man accepted Jesus and was reborn that morning.

Amazingly, a jailor who overheard my conversation about the salvation Jesus offers asked if I would pray for him too. I did! He too received his personal Savior that morning.

Titus 2:6 says; “Similarly, encourage the young men to be self-controlled. In everything set them an example by doing what is good.”


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