Days Like This

I remember a rock song back in the sixties that included the words “Momma said, there’d be days like this!” the words suggested my life would have trials. These trials are inevitable in our lives. God wants us to respond to them appropriately – with patience. It’s during our trials that we can glorify God the most, as we are His witnesses to those around us. When we show patience in the middle of our adversity this can be the key to unlock many opportunities to tell others about Christ.

2 Corinthians 5:17 the apostle Paul says we are new creations in Christ. You might excuse your lack of patience by saying, “I am patient most of the time, but this is just the way I am.” This may be true, but it is not necessarily the plan that God has for your life. God wants patience to be a very important part of our character. Being really honest, how do you respond to patience?

Are you patient with your family, your spouse, and your children? Are you patient when you are behind the wheel on the expressway, are you patient with the public? Check your patience level and then if you need more ask God to show you how you can have more.


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