Patience The Fruit

Patience is another word for longsuffering and longsuffering is a by-product of what God is doing in your life. What then is impatience? Impatience is a warning to us that we are not allowing God to control our lives. We are neither perfect nor patient in all circumstances, but as Christians we must strive for a life characterized by patience.  Remember the Fruits of the Spirit, and that longsuffering is one of them? These fruits are found in (Galatians 5:22, 23.) As we come more under the control of the Holy Spirit we also experience more success in demonstrating this fruit. Patience is not an option with God but rather a serious responsibility for us to be patient with others, with circumstances and with ourselves.

No matter how hard we try to develop patience it will only grow when we allow the Holy Spirit to develop it supernaturally within us. God uses our Christian brothers and sisters to help us develop patience. When we fellowship with them, pray with them and worship with them, and confess to them our difficulties with patience we are strengthened in our goal to acquire more patience.


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