Walk Of Faith

I wonder, do you think we miss God’s purpose for our lives because we are waiting to learn more of what God has planned for us? Truth is; God isn’t required to lay it all out for us. All He must do if He has a plan for our lives is to show us how and then enable us to do it.

It seems when we don’t know all the particulars, life is too perplexing. We think, but I need to know just what God wants me to do. Abram (later known as Abraham) probably had thoughts just like this. God asked Abram to go somewhere he wasn’t familiar with and he most likely thought of asking God, Lord, must I go somewhere I don’t know, can’t I just stay here in Haran? However, God’s plan for Abram was far greater than anything Abram could ever imagine.

Our personal feelings, vision, and human reasoning will always get in the way of our walk of faith. God teaches us to have faith in Him by placing us in positions where our feelings, vision, and common knowledge don’t work for us. Haven’t you experienced these hard times? He wants us to forget our understanding and design and rely on Him in faith. As difficult as this may be sometimes it is very practical, reasonable and advisable within infinite wisdom and complete knowledge. You can trust Him.

Since I know I have a tendency to want to step out in front of God’s plan for me, I will make myself remember God watches me from a divine position of omniscience. He sees more than I ever will. Read (Isaiah 55:8-9) to gain a better understanding of God’s view of your life.

Obedience to His way might seem like stepping out in blind faith, but you can fully trust Him, who is above all.


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