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Can you see red?

 A friend and I were talking about color blindness the other day. He was telling me how traffic lights always have the red light on top and the green on the bottom so even people who are color blind can know the law; RED means stop, yellow caution and green on the bottom for go. Now, what if out of a sense of fairness, some of the population decided they didn’t like that law and it should not apply to them? They wanted to change the law to suit their agenda. Laws got passed somehow and now our traffic lights are changed; green is on the TOP, yellow is still there and red…well they got it removed entirely – too restrictive!

So now, when we come to a dangerous intersection, it is proceed however you like. Never mind the risks of speeding through blindly. After all, some countries and states do let a person do what feels right to them!

I believe God gave us “His laws” not to condemn us but rather to protect us; keep us from harm and to establish order for all of His people, for all time. When we go against God we are taking great risks! Our intersection has now become extremely dangerous because the red light has been removed.

Opinion by: Melton Carr