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Woman Healed of Coughing

During a Wednesday night Bible service, a certain woman who comes regularly had a serious cough. She coughed so frequently she had to get up and go outside several times during the service to keep from disturbing everyone including the pastor. It was obvious her cough was not getting better as she coughed like this for several weeks. I felt sorry for her but like everyone else I just tried to ignore the distraction her persistent coughing was creating.

During one Sunday morning service, the same woman was again experiencing her usual coughing problem when I heard God speak to me in my spirit about her illness. God said to me, “Read to her from My Word (Ezekiel 37:5.)” And He gave me three reasons for her cough; filter, open toxic container and pet. God was giving her a prescription for her healing. I wrote what He gave me on a small piece of paper and after the service I gave it to her with the explanation of what God was doing for her coughing illness. She read my note and emphatically said, “Yes!” I then asked her to consider God’s suggestions, read His Scripture, and take whatever steps she could to satisfy His instructions. I also told her I was convinced God was going to heal her. She said she was too!

The next Sunday, the lady was in church as usual, but this Sunday was very different, she was not coughing! Not once during the  service did she cough. In fact, I hadn’t even noticed her at all as she was somewhere back behind my wife and me. After the service though she came up to me tugging on my arm. “He healed me! God has healed my cough! I did all you said He told you, and I read His Scripture in Ezekiel and I AM HEALED! Together we celebrated her miracle and I was as happy as she was for in my spirit it had been confirmed that indeed she was healed. We both praised Jesus and thanked Him for His wonderful healing power. This woman, like the woman in the Bible who touched Jesus’ garment hem had great faith and God healed her.

I am convinced that this woman’s testimony and faith is an inspiration to all of us. I believe you and I are also healed if we will only exercise our faith in Jesus. Works are good, but without faith in His Word nothing can be done.